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Originally Posted by APSU View Post
why couldn't elijah be "The Messenger" ?

because he's not an arab from Mecca ?

does Allah only raise messengers who are arab and from Mecca ?

its said that Muhammad is the last Prophet of Allah - The Seal of the PROPHETS

not the last messenger aka angel
angels didn't stop bringing messages to people after Muhammad
Elijah Muhammad cannot be The Final Messenger because he is not of the bloodline of The Prophets. All Prophets were Messengers. Did they not bring messages of good news and warning unto the nations from which they were risen from??
Some, like Jonus, Job and Abraham (upon whom be peace), performed no miracles of their own free will, but were, rather, the subject of such miracles due to their patience and unshakeable faith in God. The Prophets and Messengers were all the most righteous beings to ever walk the Earth. It's been proven that Elijah Muhammad had loose sexual relations with a few sisters in The Nation. Even had children by them. No man, after having been visited by an Angel and been charged with a Divine mission of reforming the whole of Mankind would even think of doing such a thing. First of all, in Islam, the description of the angels is very different from the view of The West. These beings are harsh, mighty and in most cases, terrifying. In one of my books that has a few of Prophet Isa's (Jesus) (upon whom be peace) miracles recorded, a soul he speaks with describes the angels of torment that descended upon his nation....."Each angel carried two whips. A whip of iron and a whip of fire." Further in she tells of The Angel Of Death, Isa (upon whom be peace) asks, "I ask you in the name of Almighty God, describe to me The Angel Of Death." The soul replies, "He has one hand in the East and one hand in the West. His head reaches up to the higest Heavens and his legs reach down to the regions of the seventh and lowest earth. The earth itself is between his knees and all of creation is between his eyes."

Now Gabriel (upon whom be peace). Muhammad (pbuh) described Gabriel, in his true form, as having 420 pairs of wings. In the cave of Hira, when Gabriel was first sent to Muhammad (pbuh), Muhammad (pbuh) returned home shaking, sweating and his heart beating furiously. He was also very cold.

Once analyzed, Elijah Muhammad could in no way be a true Messenger. Every Messenger recieves his message from Gabriel (upon whom be peace). Or, in the case of Moses (upon whom be peace), God spoke directly to him.

He's also not a Prophet because The Archangel Gabriel did not descend and inspire Elijah Muhammad with another law from on High. Elijah Muhammad was following the Law that was given unto Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) 1400 years ago. Before he decided to change things to fit The Nation he wanted to build.

It has nothing to do with being an Arab from Mecca. Only false prophets arrived and will arrive after The Seal Of The Prophets.

As far as the linguistics go....
Angels may not have stopped bringing messages to people after Muhammad (pbuh), but Muhammad (pbuh) was the only man that Gabriel (upon whom be peace) taught the word to directly and rehearsed it with him frequently. The Messenger to mankind from among the angels is Gabriel and he visits those who call upon God for patience and protection, as a bringer of good news. Nor was anyone taught a new law or given a new book/scripture to superceed The Qur'an. Also, angels are God's servants. Not merely messengers to a group of beings who would much rather question everything than follow the rules. They do as He wills them to do. To think, or even imply, that the Angels were created to simply aid us is insane. Angels do as their told, when their told because they know what will happen if they don't. Unlike most of us who believe it's no more than a joke, until death approaches.

Elijah Muhammad studied Islam in The Middle East and came back to America to give rise to The Nation Of Islam.

Also, Prophets are not only armed with Divine Guidance and Holy Scripture, the kind of which may confirm the scriptures of old, but are unique unto The Prophets of the time and the region they're in, but also, The Prophets and Messengers have miracles to show the disbelieving people around them, that what they say is true. All Elijah Muhammad came with was a version of Islam that was different from the original and true form.
"Die before you die."-Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh)
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