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Originally Posted by Shropsher_Slasher View Post
Again, I hope this wasn't intentionally stupid.

The Qur'an confirms EVERY book before it.
The Gospel, The Torah, The Law (10 Commandments), and The Psalms. It also confirms and defends The Virgin Birth in a Surah (chapter) called Maryam (Mary ((upon whom be peace)) ) Innovation doesn't enter into it. This book, among the many purposes thereof, is to show anyone dumb enough to question, that this scripture is indeed truth. That the same God who instructed Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) also instructed Jesus, Moses and David (upon whom be peace). Affirming also, that none of these men were Divine, but flesh and blood and should not be held as equals or partners to The Creator. Though for the whole of Mankind, it was also to tell The Children Of Israel that Muhammad (pbuh) was indeed the Messenger spoken of in their very own Torah. By telling re-telling the stories of The Prophets of old.

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