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^^That was for AP btw.
He's callin' Muhammad (pbuh) a pedophile. I said that Elijah Muhammad was having affairs with some sisters in The Nation and had children by them. I know people that were in The Nation and saw these children. Again, I'm FROM N.Y. and word spreads like a wildfire up there.

I know his type though. He'll take anything except truth.

Elijah Muhammad wasn't from the bloodline of The Prophets because the last Messenger was sent to Arabia. I see why you ask so many stupid questions, you don't read a damn thing except that which you feel defends your "arguement".

Again, NO Messenger/Prophet was raised after Muhammad. All else are imposters. Period. I could give a rat's ass what you say cuz all you're doing is following an opinion and worse, your own ignorance, and telling yourself what makes you happy. Your arguement is pathetic and seriously juvenile. You remind me of Mindy from Animaniacs. Always askin' "why" to things until people are ready to shoot her.

Elijah Muhammad made no prophecies. Say what you will about "A Messeger does this and a Prophet does that." If you REALLY read The Qur'an, instead of runnin' off to a website when it suited you to do so, you'd see that ALL The Prophets were called Messengers at a few points. Even reffered to themselves as such. So you can take that pseudo-Jeopardy trash somewhere else.

Again, it doesn't matter and surely, niether do you.

My final word here to this moron (AP), or rather, my final thoughts thereto....

"I treated the blind man and the leper and heald hem both. I treated the fool and he caused me to despair. Silence is the best answer to the fool." -Jesus (Isa) (upon whom be peace) Even HE couldn't stand stupid people!!! So why should I suffer a fool if one of the most patient cats to walk gave 'em 50 ft???
"Die before you die."-Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh)
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