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Default Re: London Bombings Staged....

Who knows? we (the general public) obviously would never know if such plot was ever conspired. I don't particularly like to get into the whole 'conspiracy theory' subject... but one thing a lot of people forget when debating CT is that 'although' a lot of it may 'sound' ridiculously absurd, amongst the crazy plot claims there is an element of truth involved. Not in all cases, but a lot. Also, it is just as easy to collect, gather bits and parts of factual information (in any event) to create a story. Speculation can be dangerous.

A statement made by Hitler... "the greatest political tool is terrorism."

My opinion: It wouldn't surprise me. We live in a world owned by the elite rich who constantly oppress the poor through it's capitalist systems inorder to maintain it's state of high living. The establishments are the crooks of all crooks - from running the drug trade to being the main distribution of illegal arms. Government agencies have been murdering people who oppose a threat to their 'empire' since day one. Anyone who thinks shit like that doesn't occur is living in a dream world.

My thoughts are on those who are sadly made victim of these bombings. Murdering bastards. Unjustified evil shit, whoever is responsible.
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