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Prince Rai
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just to get back to Elijah, i believe he had an influnece on many individuals, and as individuals we make our own decisions how we conduct our lives.

when we hear good, we make the decision to follow it or not. If the person saying good things makes wrong decisions in life, thats his or hers detriment in life, why should we be immature to follow another mans flaw.

As for prophethood.

Muhammad SAW was the last law bearing prophet. Prophet has many meanings, and of course it does not mean that no other "prophet" can come again. A prophet who reiterates the message of Islam etc, is genuine. We can all be prophets, God sent individuals to just reinstate Islamic values in others, but we cannot have the same level of importance as other prophets as our word is not fundamental enough. We already have the teachings of Islam.

Islam is universal and means Peace and submission to God Allah.
It belongs to nobody and to make groups within Islam is just plain stupid. We all follow Islam in some way and as long as we do not create divisions on cultural and traditional grounds, we can strive to a legitimate utopia or at least parts of a new world that reflects a way of utopia for the current man.
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