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Originally Posted by Shropsher_Slasher View Post
AP, if you're trying to present yourself as intelligent, a quote that screams "Al-Qaeda" won't work. They're not religious and you look like a fool with these pseudo-undercover insults. Childish even. With that, you called Hitler and The KKK "religious people" because they have the exact same ideology. You also basically said that anyone, good people included, think this way. Just because some people take their religion as a way of life instead of a passtime, like most, doesn't mean all are extremists. You obviously think that anyone who lives their religion to the letter is an extremist. So whatever to that. I'd rather be me than the lot of the world. Most, if they were shown Heaven and Hell side by side, would call it mere magic.

I said what I said because I identified your character. I wouldn't kill you, have you killed, or wish anything bad upon you. Why? If you know about Islam as you CLAIM to, you know it's against the rules. You didn't do anything to me personally. I have no personal vendettas toward you and I wouldn't want the punishment of having broken that law. That's why I said, and I noticed you very nicely managed NOT to quote me on this, that I had nothing more to say to you. I can only wonder if you missed it all together, or got a case of selective memory in order to carry this out further. Be that as it may, you're not important enough to take any kind of drastic action against, so until you do something to directly harm me or mine, you can do as you damn well please because it doesn't affect my agenda one way or the other. AGAIN, I'm going to leave you alone. That quote of yours is for people who think that all Muslims are terrorists. I wouldn't entertain the thought of killing people who didn't believe what I did because it's wrong and I'm the only one who would suffer for it. THAT'S ISLAM. So I think you're a moron and a disbeliever. Big deal. Get over it. What, am I gonna get an AK and make you believe. lol. If I had one I wouldn't bother!! People who ask useless questions serve as examples of what not to be. If anything, I wish you long life and lasting health. Even when there's a disagreement, unless physical confrontation is delivered, no physical harm should be returned. Do you see the stupidity in your quote now?? I almost figured you to be too mature to even stoop to such a low level as that. Looks like you proved me wrong anytime you're willing to take the time out of your busy day to go and change your quote all because of one person. I'm flattered tho.....really. As far as me "making all Muslims look bad", can it. My attitude stands as it always did. If I think you're stupid, I'll tell you so. I'm a New Yorker, that's just the way we operate. You can never accuse me of being bashful about my opinion or hiding behind anything. If anything, more Muslims should be like me, because groups like Al-Qaeda and The Taliban would have a serious threat on their hands because I would do my best to make sure of it. What, if a Muslim loses his or her temper, that makes us bad examples?? Or are you of the mind that any Muslim who gets angry has a bomb strapped to them?? Think about that the next time you get mad. Then, since you're so fond of typing, come in here and tell us the whole story. If you think that just because I follow Islam that I should be soft-spoken, and passive only to be on the same "level" as people like you, then you can keep on thinking. Again, if God can lose His temper and rain down fire and brimestone to destroy an entire population (I've seen the pictures), then anger is in our nature as well as compassion. The problem is usually most of us act on anger all the time, or, just flat out have no spine on the battlefield. I'm not going to hold back my opinions for the sake of "looking good" to a couple of people who really mean nothing to me or the world in the long run and get their jollies from internet props. It's a waste of time and energy. I'm not here to make friends or assimilate. I'm here because I want to see how some of the rest of the world thinks, or doesn't think and how willing or unwilling most of them are to do something positive in the world and take a stand for somthing, rather than just sit back and pretend to do solve problems with more questions for no more than the sake of a petty arguement.

You try to figure people out and sometimes you may be right, but don't try it with me. All you'll be doing in the end is lying to yourself and there's too many other things you could do with such precious time.

Now do what you do best, quote me....laugh....ask me something like....."And what is True Islam?" and burn some calories goin' clickity-clack....just don't get so caught up in trying to label people for the sake of making them angry, because you really end up putting your foot in your mouth and, if they're anything like me, the person you were aiming at walks away laughing. And if all religious people are a "no-no", I suggest you take up atheism.


"the words of a fool are many"

"talking loud and ain't saying nothing"

you did nothing but try your hardest to draw up insult after insult

you were asked a few questions and answered none of them

you got called out and embarrassed, now you wanna point the finger and slander someone who was only asking questions

your an ass, a slanderer, a liar, and a religious fanatic

calling someone you have no clue about a kafir is close to insane

do us all a favor and take your 600 word essay writing ass to a masjid with that shit


"See, I will send you the prophet Elijah before that great and dreadful day of the LORD comes.
He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers; or else I will come and strike the land with a curse."

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