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Originally Posted by LHX View Post
i dont know what you mean by 'seal of The Prophets'
The last in a very long line of Prophets. Islam recognizes Adam (upon whom be peace) as the first of the Prophets. God sent Messengers to every nation. We only know about a few of these prophets because to name them all and tell their stories would deviate from the point God tries, time and time again, to make to us. In a nutshell, " I'm here. I always have been and I always will be. I reveal myself through your insight, dreams and my Messengers and The Scriptures sent along with them. Do right, recieve right. Do wrong, expect wrong to come back to you. Break my rules with malic and forethough, as if to test and see if my punishment is real, and you'll find out that it is."

If you look at the span of time from what we may refer to Adam's fall as "The Beginning", or, at least OUR beginning, all the way up to 1400 years ago, that's an exceptionally long time. How many Messengers were risen from among their own people to warn them and remind them? How many Messages and Scriptures were given with rules and regulations? How many nations were cursed, divided and desroyed for their constant disobedience? My point is, if you believe that God knows all, then something like this isn't too off target. He knows us. He created us. When he sent the Messengers, they were armed with not only scripture but MIRACLES, because the lot of Mankind are as weak in faith as a child in the cradle is weak in speech. He knows we need "proof". The sheer insolence of the creation questioning The Creator is insane, but He is The Most Merciful and even when you break the rules, He withholds the punishment. This you can see in examples like Moses (upon whom be peace) VS. Pharaoh.

In this day and age. With magic, CGI, and other kinds of amusements, the idea of something like a Hurricane wiping out most of a town, or a Tsunami couple of Tsunamis hitting the same location in the world in less than 2 years, is seen by most, if at all, as "things happen, don't pay it any attention." Rather than an act of God. As everything, including something as regular as Sunrise, is an act of God.

This age's people aren't equipped with a wide-enough scale of spiritual insight. Industrialization, new gadgets and reality t.v. are our gods and messengers.

Muhammad (pbuh) was given the Divine inspiration of not only a perfect way of life, but one designed for the whole of humanity. That's what makes him the last Messenger. He wasn't just chosen to warn Arabia, as The Prophets that preceeded him were chosen only to teach their nations. All through The Qur'an, the call, "O Mankind!" or "O ye sons of Adam!" is addressed.
Prophets such as Lot (upon whom be peace), Hud, (upon whom be peace), Noah (upon whom be peace), all addressed their people with this, "O my people, worship Allah. You have no other god save Him. Verily, I am to you a sincere adviser. No reward do I ask of you for this. For my reward can only come from my lord." None of these prophet's peoples would listen to them. Most called the prophets madmen for wanting to turn them away from their precious statues, or, in the case of Lot's people, away from outlandish abominations.
They were threatened with exile and in most cases death if they didn't turn back to polytheism.
All of these nations were destroyed because they didn't listen to the message and they rejected the Messenger.
This last message, Islam, is just that. The last message. The last chance for anyone who believes in God and Th Day Of Judgement to prepare for that Day. As it cannot be avoided. Since every message was delivered to a nation and the nation that rejected it was destroyed, then what of the last message??
We know just from reading that we're living in the last days. Most of mankind has no faith. Or worse, they worship The Enemy of Mankind, thinking it's cool. Just like with every message before it, those who don't follow it will find themselves in a lot of pain. Some say that you shouldn't make anyone believe in what you do. Truth can't. You do or you don't. The Qur'an even says, "Let there be no compulsion in religion." God Himself is telling you, "Hey, this is what it is. Take it or leave it, but you'll never, the longest day you exist, be able to say that no one gave you warning."

Islam not only confirms the scriptures and rules that went before it, but superceeds them as well, as most of these scriptures were maliciously rewritten.
Most of mankind would rather have "fun" though.
The concept that life is short, only goes this far to ignorant people. "Well, I'm gonna die sometime so I might as well have fun." These are 30 and 40 yr. old people talking like this. You'd expect it from someone my age, but that's just sad. Either way.

Bottom line, Elijah Muhammad didn't bring a new religion to the world. Be brought an ideology and a system of one already in existence. Since it tells us in The Qur'an that we're not supposed to split ourselves up into diffeent sects, this proves that he helped to cause disunification in Al-Islam.
"Die before you die."-Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh)
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