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Originally Posted by 7EL7 View Post


"the words of a fool are many"

"talking loud and ain't saying nothing"

you did nothing but try your hardest to draw up insult after insult

you were asked a few questions and answered none of them

you got called out and embarrassed, now you wanna point the finger and slander someone who was only asking questions

your an ass, a slanderer, a liar, and a religious fanatic

calling someone you have no clue about a kafir is close to insane

do us all a favor and take your 600 word essay writing ass to a masjid with that shit

Sounds like another closet Islamophobe. Is that your best arguement? If it is, you too sound like a child. How do you post an intelligent quote and follow it with immature insults?? You another internet thug or what??

Someone I have no clue about? lol. O.k. moron, when you type or say anything involving your opinion, that says something about who you are. I believe and he comes off as someone who doesn't, period. Kafir means disbeliever. Close to insanity? Get over it. I spot a disbeliever I call 'em on it. You don't like it, don't read it.

You don't know the half of what's going on, all you do is come in and try to defend "freedom of speech as long as it's what I want to read."

I'll type as many words as I damn well please because no one in here's gonna stop me.

So, you can tuck your bird chest back in and huff and puff yourself away from me because I know what I see.

A liar? Post up something I lied about. Was it a lie or just something you don't agree with.
What gives you the idea that you're important enough for me to take anything you say seriously?? Unless it makes a valid point, what you say only matters to you. Nice quotes by the way. It's a shame you only think about them when it suits you instead of trying to live by them. No, you don't and, like AP, it shows. All you have to do is read that last post you quoted and you'll see that I'm nothing like you. Thank GOD. Like most, you type pretty words just long enough to get a "lol" or a "that's true dog". Then once out in the street, you can tell the diff between you and the rest of the sheep.

Yea, you're common. I'm done with you too.
"Die before you die."-Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh)
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