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Stupidity never ceases to amaze me.

Slander is saying something that isn't true about someone. I called it the way I saw it. So I was wrong. Doesn't change the fact that he and a lot of other people would rather spend their lives questioning because their to weak to reform themselves. Soundin' familiar??

You should be the last one talking about "maintaining respect" too. What are you his lawyer? His boyfriend?

If you actually read it the whole way through, I DID prove that Allah doesn't raise messengers from JUST Arabia.

Someone IS dumb, stupid and hopeless for asking those questions because it shows that no matter what they read, or claim to have read, it'll never do them any good. Arguement is the best and easiest way out of belief.

A question like "Were all these wings on his back" is stupid for a few reasons. One, where else would they be? Two, I wasn't there to see it so I don't claim to have that knowledge of WHERE his wings are. That's why so many so-called Christians are under the assumption that there's a "Trinity" when nowhere in any of those Bibles is a "Trinity" mentioned. Someone guessed, and the rest followed. We don't do that. 3rd, Does it matter where they are??

And a question as STUPID as "Does he use these wings to fly down and deliver the message." was obviously, as I've always said, for nothing more than the sake of arguement. If you had THOUGHT before you typed that, you'd remember that there have been many stories and reports of Angels apprearing in HUMAN form. Or don't you know that either?

A reigious fanatic is one thing. You're just mad because I know about what I practice and believe in it, instead of finding every way NOT to follow it, or dream up another innovation all because I don't have the strength to blend OUT of society. Muslims show more respect and reverence to God and His Messengers than anyone. Most who can't do it, simply hate it. You're mad cuz I'm not teh Al-Qaeda fool you want me to be, and that's why you can't stop cussin' too. You're tryin' to get me to use all caps and go off so you can say, "See!! See!!". It's Ramadan, and I'm not breaking my fast because of someone else's misery. Period.

"This obviously made you angry." lol. You pseudo-philosophers are the worst kind of scum. Yes. SCUM. Since you're so fond of quotes, let me give a few and at the SAME time, justify (though you're really not worth it, but since you can't seem to leave me alone, fine) my actions.

"You disciples are afraid of Hell. We Prophets are afraid of disbelief."

"Seek the love of God by your hatred of sinners. Seek to be near Him by doing that which distances you from them."

-Isa (Jesus ((upon whom be peace)) )

Yes. I believe. The blind believers are the ones who don't qeustion what needs to be questioned. I don't question what I have because I've asked the questions and they've all been answered by this. Only a fool and a disbeliever questions after clear proof has been brought to them. Your problem is you're incapable. Therefore all you know how to do effectively is argue. I can't stand disbelievers. I'm not supposed to.

I bow to the sun. See, I don't call people stupid unless they put themselves out there to confirm it. Stupid.

You don't kno why we face the East. You've obviously forgotten that before clocks, the sun told people what time it was. Hence, oh....I dunno....THE SUN-DIAL???!!!!

I see you're still dumb enough to believe that anything you do is important in the long run. Do you honestly think I care about what you believe in? You think my feelings are hurt off of anything you say?? Your life is yours fool. My life is mine. You're not responsible for what I do, nor am I for what you do and in the end, we'll see who spent their time better. Believe me, I care WAY less about you and your beliefs, or disbeliefs rather, than you ever could about me. Again, it only matters to you. You can't wrap your mind around anything past what you see. I look past the surface of everything because that's where I'm comfortable. If YOU truly didn't care, you wouldn't be here either.

You didn't prove anything past the fact that all you know how to do is make pathetic attempts at keepin' things goin'. Just like anyone else, yet again, who acts the way you do, you purposely overlook the whole of the eveidence and pick what you like in order to make yourself feel better.

I'm 22. And? You said that to say what?? Know it all?? I never said that. You obviously feel a threat to what I do know, otherwise you wouldn't have typed that. Go ahead and deny it because that's what your type does. At 22, I have more insight than most 40 yr. olds. All you and people like you are, are a confirmation of what I've read. Period. Yap Yap Yap all day long with your childish insults. I expect no less because all through history, that's all people like you were ever capable of. I may be young, but you act younger than me. Even if I wasn't fasting, I wouldn't have called you anything but a moron. Which you are.

All you do is let your jaws flap the same way everyone else who doesn't believe in anything does. That's another reason why I won't stop replying. You're funny. You actually think you're original. Still, I could care less. Go ahead.....your turn.
"Die before you die."-Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh)
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