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Originally Posted by maestro wooz View Post
If it's such bullshit than just argue with him and you'll win and well all see how dumb he is. You can either take the satisfaction that you're right and hes wrong or you can prove it.
My truth comes from what I read and again, the fact that I consider the contrasts and parables in what I read and the way it directly relates to life itself as common sense. Therefore, I believe in it. To prove something like this is near impossible to someone that has little to no faith in the unseen. Could you convince someone who thinks that we're all alone in this vast universe until some U.F.O.s came down and shook hands or tentacles with him? No. He'd have to think for himself and believe that this universe is entirely too vast and our astronomers still know far too little about it to assume that we're the only intelligent beings in the universe.

He'd have to believe. Some do, some don't. Nothing's changed. It's been like this for centuries. Proof is a matter of faith in this matter. Signs and evidences such as these are only apparent to those who look for them. To anyone else it's really a useless example. Maybe it's for the better.

To continue arguing would get neither of us anywhere. This much is certain. So, him to his and me to mine.
"Die before you die."-Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh)
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