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Default Re: The official kill the guy above you thread

Gettin it on? psshsh come on soldier I'll leave you stripped of ya palms
stab ya beak n ya sinus wit the needle nose pliers an have u SNIFFIN' a loss
but Imma' get to the point, rejoice then spit wit a voice unforgiven an poised
an will always stay burnin this herb by the lb faster than ya can get to a joint
An homie theres no way to debate this shit ya self esteem's inflated quick
And I dont have to charge Soldier but he showed his face an paid-for-it

so Save it kid!! ya plummeting rates while I'm guzzlin grapes,an rippin clowns
an I used my fist in this cuz when the pliers got stuck in ya face i couldnt get em' out


A toe-nail
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