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God is the all encompassing force that runs through all things we see manifested physically as well as what we don't see. Man is the supreme manifestation of that force as far as we know because our consciousness is supreme on this planet. "And God said, let us make man in our image and after our likeness." So if God is like man, man must be like God. The Original melaninated Black Man is the supreme being manifested because from the life germ of the original blackman and woman spring all the so-called races of "mankind." Science proves this. Since the first man/woman was of african descent, And melanin is the chemical key to the universe that causes blacks to be more in tune with the force or spirit that we call GOD, naturally. thats why u say Soul Food or Godfather of Soul. That doesnt mean that other races can't tune in it just implies that blacks have a more natural capability. This is the problem that most westerners have bcuz looking at the present state of Africans worldwide its hard to fathom that they are the fathers and mothers of all forms of civilization on this planet. The only true religion if thats what u want to call it is knowledge of self. All religions in their purest form were supposed to link u back to the "force", Allah, Yahweh, whatever. Everything is within, including the kingdom of heaven, just consult JC. The mythology of a religion created in its time for the people of that timeis supposed to open up faculties in your mind to link u back. The ancient kemetians/egyptians knew this. Heiroglyphs. The problem is when outsiders misunderstood and started literalizing everything. Some out of ignorance and others for the sake of control. The trick is to get u to rely on "things" outside of "self" 4 salvation. If u don't know that u are GOD you're already lost.
I fear for the 85 that don't got a clue!
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