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Originally Posted by the silencer View Post
ive unfortunately discovered that on my own...

i (and the stuff i referenced) am not saying that smoking weed is good for u..even tho i may have accidentally said that in my first post..

its just that alot of the negative stuff thats been put forth about weed hasnt been true....

the smoke is, of course, bad for ur respiratory system...thats really the only thing that stops me from blazing more often than i do......but its alot less bad for u than cigarette smoke......and there hasnt been direct links between smoking pot and lung cancer as opposed to cigarettes...
good points

the difference between weed and tobacco available at stores is the same as the difference between eating natural foods and processed foods

heaven only knows what exactly it is that you are smoking after tobacco has been treated and processed

they put so many chemical preservatives in it, it prolly cant even be considered tobacco anymore

weed has the benefit of not being nearly as tampered with
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