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Default Re: X-Men Dream Cast... U Choose!

Originally Posted by rzarectah_93-??
Angela Bassett is the perfect choice for Storm IMO....never really liked Halle Berry's performance....too soft and too African accent....bad
so if Halle didnt come back, i'd like to see Bassett take her place
and i also dont care who plays who cause pretty much evryone (besides Storm) is a closed eal to be in X3.....i just wanna see some more Colossus action yo....when he appeared in X2 i was like "WHOA!!!! that was awesome!"

I felt the same way about Halle Berry's Storm, she wasn't a strong African woman. I agree witchu bout wantin to see more Colossus on screen but I have to disagree with thinking he was awesome in X2, in fact I was disappointed as fuck that he didn't have a strong Russian accent! I thought that was the worst part of the whole movie, making Colossus into some Americanized fuck.

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