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Default Re: We hearRZA talk about ODB's death, but I want an official statement from every member

Uh-uh, Don't mistake ppl, you are misgetting the point, Im not saying for them ro reveal their inner feelings, but talk about on the artist perspective, on what hip-hop lost.

It's just a matter to try to have shown a little display of respect to ODB.

It's not an uncommon practice on the music industry, for example ppl constantly explain what 2Pac meant to them.

You can see it as when you get to say a lil' somethin on someone's funeral for the rest of the attendants wich in this case would be us, the ODB fans, that's not an intromissing to do obviously but a public practice, a PUBLIC statement it's what's being asked here.

You now see what Im saying.
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