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^^Oh, and if you think I am sorta contradicting myself, because some people think that bodybuilding is just brut strength. Think again.

Most people think that bodybuilding is just brut strength, but that is the very first mistake people who first step into the sport make. That couldn't be more far from the truth. You will only be the best if you train as smart as possible, not only as hard as possible. (Training as hard as possible in reality can actually even bring about injuries or harm). Having enough knowlegde of the body anatomy, and the sport in general is needed, etc. Bottom-line, basically it can be broken down into a science to say the least. Especially when taken into all seriousness, on a proffessional level there is always, always anabolic steroids involved like it or not. People don't like to talk about it because it's a harsh reality. No one in the history of the sport ever looked like Arnold Swartznegger, Ronnie Coleman, etc. without anabolic steroids, period. Don't believe me just do your homework, and ask any honest proffesional bodybuilder or their trainers themselves who are the real brains behind the muscle for some sorta speak in terms of having knowlegde about how to properly use steroids, etc.

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