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Default Re: Top Reasons why WEED should NOT be legalized

first off, i smoke weed. not everyday but weekly mostly b/c i like the affects it has when i mix it with alcohol, mainly i dont get all sloppy and i can drink longer without passing out or puking. with that said....
legalizing weed would in america would screw up alot of things including:

health and healthcare

the workforce and economy.

the justice system and policing.

there are more reasons legalizing would be bad, of course, and overall i think it would be a bad idea to legalize weed. its still a drug, its still addicting, and too many americans wouldn't use responsibly (too many already don't). many americans (the youngsters) would think its a free-for-all, and we'd loose alot of otherwise good citizens because they wouldn't see any consequence for smoking as much dope as possible just b/c its "legal, dude".
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