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Default Re: Top Reasons why WEED should NOT be legalized

Originally Posted by Kriszy Substance
I do see your points and have thought about all those myself. I only smoke chronic now but I have pretty much tried everything and done enough drugs to last a lifetime. I have made a lot of money and smoked a lot of free weed in my life because it was illegal.

But the truth is that the cost of weed would go down if it were legalized, in most places anyway, and the quality would go way up. Plus the fact that we are loading up our jails with non-violent criminals. I say save the space for the child abusers, rapists and murderers.

I am sure those that make their money off selling chronic would find a better approach or another avenue.

Just my thoughts. I can see no one really appreciated my "Legalize marijuana by religion" post. Thats ok, Im used to being misunderstood.

Oh, and sorry my post was long, Ive caught some shit for that too- just trying to speak my mind and we all have differents ways I guess.
I agree with this.. If it WAS, in fact, legal, the quality of the bud would go way up and the price would NOT go up, it would go down.. The only reason it costs so much now is BECAUSE its illegal. You have to take 'risk' factors into consideration..

You would most likely be ID'd for it.. but fuck it, you get ID'd for alcohol, I know 13 Y.O. kids who walk around and chug 40's like they do it everyday. ID's never stopped any minor from purchasing anything.. Just get a hook up.. if you have a dealer now, he should be more than happy to SHOW ID to a desk clerk and purchase it legally.

Anybody have ANY idea whatsoever how many people are in prison right now for merely being caught with A JOINT!? its fuckin pathatic, marijuana is NO WORSE for you than cigarettes and alcohol OR the combination of the two.. Like homie said, save room for the rapists, murderers, and child molesters.

If your making money off selling marijuana, than your only PROVING to 'the man' that its exactly what they think it is... Young ass, immature, little kids get their hands on the shit, and the public see's it, it BLOWS out of proportion.. Keep it in the hands of Adults who can keep it safe, at least for a little bit, until all the rumors die down.. Prove to them that it does nothing more than heighten your awareness.. entertainment, ya know? fuck it, im rambling.. im high
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