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Default Re: Top Reasons why WEED should NOT be legalized

I hear you guys. And I understand that if it doesnt affect you, it really isnt a big deal. But it is to me. I smoke weed everyday, Im not lazy, I just really like the shit. Like method man said "its like natures way of saying 'Hi!'" I also know that I have a good job, support my family, am kind and compassionate to the people I meet. I sure dont think I belong in jail.
I can understand fears that corporations or whoever would be putting shit in your weed to make it more addictive or whatever. But I guarantee you the day it was legalized (or at least de-criminalized) I would be growing the fuck out of that shit (If I dont already) So what I am saying is that I am smart enough to know better, as everyone should be.

I smoke cigarettes too (trying to quit) and I know that shit is way bad for me, but I make the concious decision to do that. I also have a child and my ass will be outside smoking in 50 below zero weather before I will ever smoke around my kid or lead her to believe it is an ok thing.
I mean, yeah, corporations/government is fucked up, but lets not stop holding ourselves accountable for our actions. Twinkies are bad for you and will probably give you cancer. So are cigarettes, weed, soda pop, alcohal, sugars, fake sugars........... See what Im trying to say?
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