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Default Re: Top Reasons why WEED should NOT be legalized

Saying that alcohol is more a part of american culutre than marijuana is pointless. The FACT is that you are not looking at the facts. Heres a few for you--

Underage alcohol use is more likely to kill young people than ALL illegal drugs combined.

77 percent of high school seniors have used alcohol; in comparison, 53 percent have smoked cigarettes; 46 percent have used marijuana, and 8 percent have used cocaine.

If you dont believe me check the facts at the link below, there are many others there that make your comment a bit redundant. No offense, I think that your opinion is grounded on a good intention, but its not a solution.

And once again, it is NOT our governments job to teach our children morals and responsibility, it is the Family's.

Im gonna try to keep my mouth shut on this topic from now on. But its really hard because its people like you that put an upstanding citizen like myself, at risk of going to jail or losing my kid or whatever. The kids are always going to be able to get weed or whatever drugs they want. Thanks to our government, we have a flourishing black market and if you want it, someone will find it for you. The shit is fucked up.

Im gonna go smoke a fat bowl of the chronic right now....cause that is another good thing about makes you feel good and anger and intolerance seems a bit more tolerable after I get baked!!,1056,1807,00.html

Love to all of You!!
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