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A Threat to the State
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well done cross-referencing there.. its interesting stuff especially the physical aspects of how the towers dropped because scientifically is the easiest way to try to prove that the disaster was a cover-up..

i've seen loose change and its ok but obviously heavily biased and only represents half of the story. but i know theres been alot of other videos made about 9/11 being a cover-up, and some made on the opposite point of view. if anybody can link us all to some of these vids, maybe the most un-biased and truth-propelled, it could help to organize shit because theres so many different arguements. (if not vids then any other type of info).

all i know, and ive been agreed with by many people, is that the towers shouldn't have collapsed as easy as they did, and the lack of evidence at the pentagon is just rediculous (if the loose change kids weren't spreading lies).

live and learn, dont be a bitch

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