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Default Re: Top Reasons why WEED should NOT be legalized

Oxlongo- I have not tried to PUSH my views on anyone. I am stating my opinion and some facts. And I would never say that I speak for the majority of anybody cause that is a bullshit statement. We all only speak for ourselves. Im as liberal as you are conservative my friend. So maybe you should go listen to the "Man in the Mirror" song on the Michael Jackson thread.

I believe marijuana is one of the most mild and helpful substances out there. Ever known anybody dying of cancer that has to risk going to jail to help themselves die more peacefully? I certainly hope you never do. But if your mom needed that shit to make her feel better, you might be singing a different tune.

Your thoughts are pure speculation. I at least provided some facts. Slanted or otherwise, you are free to do the same if we want to try to have an intellegent conversation.

People that are out in the streets beggin for shit are probably not there because of marijuana. Alocohal....physical and emotional abuse...addictions...lack of good education... those are probably more likely to be some of the reasons.

If you think the users and dealers are responsible for making it illegal...then you better check ya fact... I believe several members here already went into that.... which also goes to show that I am not the only one who feels this way...although I would never be as ignorant as to say I speak for any of them....

Lots of love you cat....but I think you need to sleep on some of this shit.... or go blow smoke up someone elses ass...By the way... have you ever smoked chronic... might make ya hate a little less....
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