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Default Re: kung fu flicks

Originally Posted by 100pr00f
damn..............just got done watching the legend of drunken master(drunken master 2)

crazy fighting..all fast paced..hardcore.....this is my 2nd fav film of all my kung fu flicks.....

i was blown away at the action and story was great.......i recomend u guys go and pick this up...a must have...pluse its realy entertaining

ima stop but damn..pick it up

O but I will cop that.

Saw "Wing Chun" yesterday, very good movie, not like any other kung-fu movie realy.
very nice action, but very realistic, not like other spescial kung-fu flix or sumthin', no I was realy impressed by this movie.
I dunno what it was but I realy liked this movie.
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