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Default Re: Xtadas mixtape

Gotta re-up my shit cuz it was licensed on some slipped-my-mind shit...


1. Mr. Fantastic Flow
2. Bootleggers version 1
3. Daytona 600 (feat. Bergs and Vital)
4. The Super Villains
Cast (in order of appearance)
Bergs as Carnage
Stro as Magneto
Hooks as Deadpool
Mydaz as Two-Face
Xtadas as the Riddler
5. New Wu (ft. J-Day, Bergs, Marz and Stro)
6. Action Comics
7. How to Drop a Body (Bergs ft. Xtadas)
8. Rhymes Smoke (Steady Rockin')
9. Lyrical Beatdown (ft. Coorz, Bergs and Stro)
10. Joe Pesci (Sinzhear diss)
11. X and Bergs
12. Pump ya Fist (Encore remix)
13. Toast 2 Our Futures (ft. Vital)
14. Hydrolix (Mydaz ft. Vital and Xtadas)

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