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Police abuse, violence & out right murder is very rapidly escalating, in this country and particularly in New York City. As the people of this city prepares to address the shooting of three unarmed young men of color, the New York City Police has once again gone after one of our most prominent anti police brutality activists. Juanita young, who herself lost her son to police bullets has been once again been arrested in her own home. Please see the details bellow.

As people, we need to act to insure the immediate release of Juanita Young and take what ever steps are necessary to put an end to the reign of lawlessness and violence that the N.Y.P.D. is unleashing on the people of New York City.
(More to come on the activities being organized by the people- There will be a mass propest at 1 Police Plaza on Dec 6th )


Defend Anti-Police Brutality Activist Juanita Young Against Escalating and Continuing Police Attacks on This Major Voice Against Police Brutality and Repression

When: Thursday Nov. 30 10 a.m. Steps of City Hall, New York NY
Sponsors: The October 22nd Coalition to Stop Police Brutality, and the Justice Committee of the National Congress for Puerto Rican Rights
Speakers: Representatives of the Family of Juanita Young, the October 22nd Coalition, the Justice Committee, Council Member Charles Barron and others
* * *
Juanita Young is a major voice against police brutality and repression in the City and nationwide. Juanita Young and her family has continually been victimized by the NYPD. This past Sunday evening she was beaten and arrested by officers from the 43 Precinct in her own home when a 911 call was made for a medical intervention. Juanita is currently held under police custody at the Jacobi Medical Center in the Bronx.

On Sunday evening, November 26, an ambulance was called for Juanita's daughter. Cops came to the apartment first before the ambulance arrived. Based on her previous bad experiences with the police, Juanita wouldn't let the cops in and told them to leave. The ambulance crew refused to do anything and called for backup. Eight cops showed up again and started grabbing people. She kept telling them to leave. The cops threw Juanita in a room, and as one of them tried to hold the door shut, others beat her. After she was able to run out of the room, all eight of them jumped on her at once, kicking her in the chest and back as they handcuffed her. Her daughter pled for them to stop, telling them that Juanita has asthma. Juanita was arrested and brought to the 43rd precinct. Because she was having difficulties breathing, she was brought to the emergency room at Jacobi Hospital, under police custody. Since then, she has been handcuffed to the bed, guarded by a cop at all hours, and not allowed phone calls. Family and friends have not been allowed in to see her until this past Tuesday.

Juanita Young is a major activist and public speaker in the fight to stop police brutality. She and her family have been targets of police harassment on several occasions, including an illegal eviction from her home executed by the NYPD. Her son Malcolm Ferguson was killed by NYPD in March 2000, a week after he was arrested for being part of a protest against the verdict in the Amadou Diallo case. She has been a key organizer of the October 22nd Coalition to Stop Police Brutality, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation since 2000, for the Stolen Lives Project, and as a member of the Justice Committee of the National Congress for Puerto Rican Rights. She has stood with and supported many victims of police violence.

Statement from Juanita Young, from her hospital bed:

"This is not the first time the 43rd attacked me and my family.

In March of 2001, during a rally for my son Malcolm Ferguson, the cops pushed me into the crowd, hoping to incite a riot. It was evident that they have no intentions of releasing the pressure they've put on me and my family based on all the attacks they have put us through.

Being the mother of five children, my responsibility is to protect the four children I have left, and still cry out for justice for Malcolm.

I'm now in the hospital in severe pain, handcuffed to the hospital bed until my hand is swollen. The cops are harassing me and still abusing me as I lay in my hospital bed in severe pain.

Thank you for all your support. Your help is needed."
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