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Default Re: CASSIDY making fun of 50 CENT's 21 QUESTIONS......wasn't he a poptart last year??

i love how everyone makes judgements based on what other people without ever actually listening to an artist. i'll bet anything that the majority of everyone that has posted in here, if not everyone, hasn't even listened to cassidy's first album (title evades me at the moment). when i heard that track 'hotel', i felt the same way as y'all and dismissed it immediately. but then i heard cassidy's album, and he actually is a dope MC. unless you've been in the game for more than five years, nowadays you can't really establish yourself unless you put out a track like 'hotel'. the situation is a bitch, and you can chalk it up to the music industry exploiting inner city conditions and capitalism. but don't hate on cassidy without hearing some of his stuff first...that i'm a hustla track is pretty sick, and definitely one of the better songs on the radio right now. his first album was nice, and i haven't heard his second one yet...anyways, just listen before you judge...
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