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Default Re: Chambermusik / Wu Tang Corp

Originally Posted by J-Ronin
Word, let RZA hear that shit. The god ain't gonna be feeling that
maybe rza wouldnt say anything,maybe its the truth.many artist said things about thats why it would be nice to have rza for an interview.timbo was also there in the interview and also did the knowledge.i dont know whats your beef with chambermuzik but they do an extrordinary job.we got interview with y-kim,timbo,monstar mob,dom.p,islord,buddha monk,mathematics,4th disciple,falling down and the untouchable soldiers,radarrr van and others.and all speaks from their hearth.maybe its just the truth.people need to stop dissing chambermuzik theyre doing an amazing job.i think you heard what deck said in the interview you know about,i can quote you on chambermuzk.i dont know whats the beef but you change drastically your opinion.peace anyway
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