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Prince Rai
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Default Re: that wigga-user called sergio needs to get his ass kicked !!!!! look what he said now

Originally Posted by Sergio
^^^^ yo I agree, I said that was my bad and they kept on ragging on me. I thought the person that did that Christ thing was dutch that is why I lost it with the dutch. Again, my bad. I will not repond to any insult about me. I just lost it because of the Christ thread and then everyone ganged up on me. Also to any Indians that got offended with my thread, sorry. I lost my wig because of the Indians that ride my bus to the university and the way they smell. Generalizing is not right.
lol, haha, i know some smell like 2 much oil etc, but generalisation is bad n stuff....
if u switch u say harsh things, n people like to rinse dat guy straight away... so try n not switch.... n some of these dudes here.. take it easy 2.. yoo!

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