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Default Re: CASSIDY making fun of 50 CENT's 21 QUESTIONS......wasn't he a poptart last year??

oh yea certainly....i agree with you in the sense that he could've introduced himself to the masses a bit better. i hated that track 'hotel'...but at the same time, i didnt let that affect my opinion of him as an artist. what i'm saying is, everyone is just going off of that and promptly labeling him as a no-talent, non-MC, psuedo-Nellyist rapper. check out his other tracks, and if you still dont like him, then thats simply a matter of taste. but if you're like me, you'll be able to appreciate his wit and punch-line-oriented material. he's very, very similar to trife da god, if you're looking for a parallel to compare him to. he's a quality rapper, dont let the radio waves infiltrate your brain cells!
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