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Uffie, nice electro rap.

Electro Punk. Wicked shit. First heard her on the Lost In Translation with Fuck The Pain Away. Crazy song. The heard her on The L Word soundtrack with I U She He. Wicked freshness.

Heavy on rotation are these geezers.

Jim morrison had some of the most tripping lyrics with some sort of deep poetic meaning. And his man on the lil piano synth organ gave us some tunes to flip out too. This is what I call true music. My tips.
  • I Can't see Your Face In My Mind
  • The End
  • People Are Strange
  • Riders On The Storm
  • Love Two Times
  • Break on Through
  • Hello, I Love You
  • Light My Fire
Epic pieces of music
Wu-Tang: failing the internet tubes since 1997

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