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I used to play there now n then when I needed to sharpen up before a chessfight. Donno if account is still there, if so Im same mofo, Big Bad Man. I learned to play fae a mate who learned in the beast, after he taught me I spanked his ass, n to this day have been undefeated. Donno if I just never met any real strong players, if I prepared right, or wit not but so far so good. Who I beat on here... lmao. Some people gon crack up but I have to lay out my victims for the fuck of it. Alex (methical), Jeru, Gravey (shifter u been duckin me for over a year hahaha). I claim that 1. Couple draws here n there. Though Im busy these days, hence browsin the boards at 12am till I get tired, Id be up for some black n white fights Defo.

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