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tha agent of sickness
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69 Ure A Lost Race,knox Is A Cockface.. And Youll Both Get Cut Down To Size
By Tall Blades, You All Hate,but These Two Are So Flame They Give Brain Prostrate
Face Down,stuck In The Mudd...acid Is What Your On If U Think Im Not As Sick As
U Bud,and Knox Looks Like Ali,only Cause He Floats Like A Butter Fly,phosphate 69
Has A Sting But After Its Inflicted Dies So Hes Scared To Use It On Other Guyz,
So Other Wise Hes Fake,i Told You Im Shameless,prolly Catch U 2 And That Faggot Unnameless
In A 3 Way,all Givin Eachother Brains.....shit..,thats Gross How Could Yall Do That
U Flithy Fuckz...,im Leekin...that Knox Has Prolly Scean More Cockendz Than Weekendz N Loves
Squeesin Nutz/and Reason.. Is His Dad Molested His Ass While He Was Sleepin,and Phosphate
I Hate Ya Name U Prolly A Fake Thug That Rocks A Plastic Chain,and If U Real
U Not As Potent As Me Im Potenet As Three So Get Another Mc So I Can Burn Em
To The 3rd Degree,currently Ready To Battle Any One,det It Son,will Beef On Site
Creeps With Knives That Slice N Dice,pigz Feast All Night On The Fresh Flesh Of
The Victims After We Leave Them Life..less,i Might Just Go Crazy Im Battlin 2 At
A Time And I Got Bitches Buggin Me To Fuck,but I Still Gotta Make It A Crime,if U See What
Im Sayin,steadly Slayin This Battle Is Over,thats A Factual Statement..

Fuck U Both Juss A Quick Disss No Feelinz Yall Dope
Im Twisted Yo
No One Else Would Battle Answer Back With A Quick One

"We discourteous creatures, features of repetitive
feaster's,that pray on the opposite optical of logical people"
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