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Originally Posted by AcidPhosphate69 View Post
Court case, facin' son of the masked Jason
My tasks blatant, murder with no mac's blazin'
You mind vacant, so vacate the premises
I'm the nemesis, the genesis of evil
Weeble and wobble, drank the whole bottle
Throttle so hard, God'll need a body guard
I swing knucks to stupid fucks, face gets rucked
I bring chucks, looped and tucked, whole place gets snuffed
I'm wing-ed luck, hoop dreams and such, earthquake McGruff
Take a bite outta crime, against me, evidently you mental B
Fundamentally meticulous, ridiculous Ryan Saunders
Quick to bust all lyin' imposters, I'm cryin' preposterous
Rhinocerous nose chargin', hardened 19 year old, still get carded
Shit's retarded when I get started, Wal-Mart beefin' in the aisles
Blue light special, somebody called the Kyle's
My crews fights wreck you, see who's right met you
Nephew of knockin', I ain't rockin' a 4-4, smith and wesson
I'm rockin' the 5-5, my hand game's a blessin'
No stressin' the master of greco-roman wreslin'
I get the best of lesser men, learn ya lesson man
Triathalon flows while blowin' dope up the nose
Chosen child chillin', villain' killin' wit syllables
Exposin' fraud, with head nod, oh Lawd he serial
Seriously sadistic, suddenly go ballistic
Trick shit, to flip shit, I'll roll dolo and fuck the biscuit
fuck the biscuit, when i throws fists bitch behold the quickness
cross a mufucka so fast that he drop from motion sickness
these cats've got weight but we can break em for it
red, dread and shrapll drop gates, them snakes abhor it
Acid Phosphate rippin shit, so quick to stick em
have em bitches swimmin in pools of red liquid drippin
im quick to get in it, grab the steel man and its on
have em mufuckas runnin wheelchair marathons
special olympics, this metal'll flip bitchbastids
have families droppin petals on kids caskets
sip vodka, blow fire, the life of a shotta fo hire
one phone call get u caught in a fire
when i go b, itll be like Bodie got shot on The Wire
theyll never take em alive, i run this sumbitch
all black, yeah the clothes match the gun clips
and im bound to break a mufucka face off of one hit
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