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Originally Posted by LHX View Post
eat lemons until you feel any change in your enamel

enamel can regenerate in the right circumstances

and for that other post up there - stomach acid is 100000000 times smarter than citric acid, so you dont need to worry about lemons eroding your guts

the worst they can do is erode your esophagus

yall should really try minimalizing the number of products you ingest/use that have been processed or refined

that goes for supplement powders or any other cooking substances

no - it wont kill you to use things on occasion (the body is a resilient machine), but seriously - treat your tools right and they will give you good service

certain substances might give you superior performance in the short term, but this is not a sprint we are running here

when buying supplements, dont buy the mixed bullshit claiming to have MAGIC FUCKING POWERS, stick to buying the pure 100% stuff, avoid stuff that looks like marketing hype, bc thats usually all it is. do your research before you start using supps or anything at all regularly, I might just make a seperate thread just on supps for working out when I have time, bc no one has a clue about proper supplementation and what you need vs what is a waste of $

Keep it blacker than the back of ya necK

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