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You all've made good points. Especially the one about the articles. But comin from a Cubans perspective - I respeck no man who has to kill people for speakin freely about the way they feel. Communism and oppression in anyway iz never a good thing anywhere.

Assassinz are assassinz - they kill because it's there way or IT'S A BULLET IN UR HEAD. I mean could u beleive that people weren't allowed to play saxaphones in Cuba when these knuckleheadz took over cuz they said it was invented by Adolph Sax who was born in Belgium and that cuntry was part of "the axis of evil"....MID U THIS WAS 1959 - A DECADE AND A HALF AFTER WWII.

And true Batista was the worst dictator Cuba ever had @ the time, but when he left (allegedly cuz the US gave him sum type of "offer") Castro and Che threw the Cuban people a curve ball, like Bush throws us hiz curve ballz and lied and decieved to their people and massacred them.

Point iz that female got me heated, I'd fuck her brains out though. Maybe I misinterpered her or sum shit? Fuck it.

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