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Originally Posted by kris kasper View Post
Armageddon was decent, not the greatest, but decent.....I won't say any of the results, though I will say I'm glad they made Benoit retain his US title.
I will also say this, it is getting very tiresome to see the majority of winner on PPVs be baby faces. Last WWE PPV (Survivor Series) there was only one "1" heel who won, I won't say how many this time because again, it'll give away the results; but this is getting really annoying for the fact that its almost preidctable now whos gonna win at each PPV. If this keeps up, whats the point in getting the PPV when u already know whos gonna win?
Just my thoughts....
I aint seen it but i agree on the predictablity of matches, i hate batista and john cena they are totally over pushed, wwe should allow other people to hold the title.
I hate it when mostly faces win, its like their trying to please the younger audience and the marks.
I hope RVD goes to TNA the bigger the competition TNA gets the better.
We need that competitveness back in wrestling so each show is trying to better the other each week rather than what we see in WWE where they dont even need to try at the moment.

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