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Default Re: Van Damme robbed near my hood

Ahahahaha. I mind 1 of the people who got me into muay thai was his character in Kickboxer even though I preferred Tong Po. (I was a junior)

Then about a month after training I got enlightened that he was a karate dude who got bullied n done ballet dancing before moving to Hollywood. His 1st role was a gay kickboxer hahahahaha! Jesus. Lets just say I want a part 2 (proper version) where Tong Po comes back bigger n badder. But I like Snipes. Thats fucked up and funny as hell haha!

Tell u sumtin else, Steven Seagal, lmfao, Royce Gracie told me they went to his "dojo" n challenged him, he ran out n sped away in a car hahaha! About 90% of his students instantly became Gracie Jiu Jitsu believers.

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