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your fuckin' rhymes are generic when comparin' to mine/
bet if I robbed you mothafuckas I wouldn't inherit a dime/
barbaric wit nines, designed with a terrorist mind/
plottin' the world's destruction, bustin' at an arian swine/
I'm tearin' ya spine like subzero, mortal kombat fatal strikes/
navel sliced, intestines leakin' out your fuckin' anal pipe/
aim precise, I'm nice wit da desert eags and infra light/
spin the dice and gamble with your infant life, I'm sendin' kites/
to killas up in Panatang, shank you in a blanket party/
turn your thuggish ass into an amish man, you gansta? hardly!/
got beef?, then meet me on the EgWest strip/
pistol whip you for a spliff, you'll git your necklace stripped/
throwin' pimpsmacks to feminists and sexist chicks/
well if you hate men then why you havin' sex with dicks?/
I blessed this shit, for all you corny cocksuckers with no talent/
catch a buck-fifty from a boxcutter, you no challenge!
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