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favourite 3 wrestlers?
cm punk, angle and benoit
if jericho was still around he'd be in my list

favourite 3 entertainers on the mic?
currently: ken kennedy, king booker and edge
Of all time: The rock, stone cold and chris jericho

favourite 3 wrestlers/entertainers you like to look out for on any show?
Big dick johnson, the miz and just kiddin

Scotty 2 hotty (brings out the mark in me) Matt and Jeff, and many of the other tag teams, and edge and randy orton....slightly over 3 but w/e

favourite for comedic values?
JBL - i agree with Kris on his commentary, he usually says what im thinking (like not liking boogeyman but still enjoying him kick the miz's ass cause he annoying too)

favourite diva?
Mickie James and Melina - except when shes doing that high pitch screaming

any other subject you like to add?
I miss the good ol days
Taking the 'attitude' out of WWE is why it sucks, it just feels like some entertainment show now. WWE has gone soft.

Hopefully TNA will become strong competition and force WWE into making better shows and then one show will win, have no competition, get sucky, and the cycle will continue.

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