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Originally Posted by TiKaL View Post
Mother Fuckers better get that Irish - Hating out of their systems now.

They just lined up the nember one recruit to go along with their number one recruiting class

Charlie Weis will get his Championships .... and New England wont

ND has always have had a top 5 toughest schedule year in and year out. This year and next, their schedule hasnt been as tough, but there isnt any other team in sports who has as many rivals as Notre Dame.
Michigan, Michigan St, USC, Purdue, Boston College and Navy all have ND's name circled when the schedules come out. All of those rivaries have been going on for decades. ND plays Navy each year because the Naval Academy helped keep that University alive when the war was going on, and has a sign of thanks, they play each year, and Army every two years and AirForce every 3 years.

ND doesnt schedule MAC teams like the Big Ten does
and they sure as fuck dont schedul Division II teams like the SEC does.
They will play a team from the 6 major conferences every year starting next year

I agree with what ur saying, but their schedule is a major let down in the second half. I think they will get better in the next 3 years, but when they play ANY team they are getting that teams #1 effort and this will insure NO undefeated seasons. Beating Notre Dame can make ur season ----even if you go 1-11. Notre Dame's big problem in the next few years will be defense becasue even this year they didnt get the best defensive recruits and i dont think Charlie knows they play defense in football. The Big '11' Ten scedule MAC teams becasue they are in the same region and it helps boost $ for those schools. So i doubt i would take ND to lose to BSU, even with a healthy Ian Johnson, but i do think that ND needs to address the defense side of the football quick, because they are going to get lit up against soon-to-be #1 pick JaMarcus Russell. So good luck to the Domers casue i have a bad feeling (and $100) that this won will sway to the Tiger's
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Originally Posted by Wooly Noggins
usa was built on terrorism

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