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Originally Posted by bigben View Post
I rose from bones and ashes of genocide victims,
stabbing hearts of priests preaching false religions,
like pigeons they flock to bread crumbs on pavement,
born enslavement chains and whips used to bare pain,
tore frames like kites dismantled by hurricanes,
down pour of rain... as my fingers dig into strangers flesh,
horrid quest my goal is to inflict death by breaking necks,
solar flex knocked molarless power jabs remove canines,
my movements instate stress I rake flesh and leave scars ....
wattup ma nigga bEN bIG..suspended prickz off micz intended to spit hurrendous../
wattup wit u givin AC mention? bask in presence as I rap quick lessons..../
how WUCORP? since my LAST impression!? MASK vengence as I FLASH sentences../
Relentless revenge..relevant to those reppin relics who spit trash n callin pplz jealous..!.
Zealots covet cuz pelletz bustin thru excellence cover'd in EXCELLENT NUMBERS!!..
IM TELLIN ya BROTHAZ im SWELLIN OTHAZ wit confidence.. u can get out this province kid../
speakin of these harmless nigz who rap garbage n lack proper skill.. to get point across./
son Im blessed like annointed cross..dont get pissed cuz ya joints is soft..str8 moist n all../
noone hoist ya break bones like royjones punch sumone who take balls insteada puss../
son Im tha dreadest crook..wit tha deadest look..find ya shell in tha BED of BROOKz../
HEADZ just LOOK..when I approach wit tha DEAFEST HOOKS! get LEFT n SHOOK../
Last Word Cypha /

Now AtotheC
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