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Default Re: I fucked Zig's mom

Originally Posted by Sicka
oh yeah,...A big "FUCK YOU" to CREATE../
bitchmade muthafucka betta keep my name out your mouth or im comin to queens an knockin u out.../
with out a doubt.....seen your moms on rollin the shopping cart around too.../
fat ass hippo needs to be returned to the Bronx zoo.../

peace bitch

Listen Sicka, I got no problems with you, but if you got a problem with my boy, you got a problem with me. Just fucking drop the whole thing. He lives on the other side of the country for God sakes. Why you beefing him if he's so far away. This net-beef is gay. Just relax man. And you know your ass won't waste a couple hundred to come fly to Queens just to fuck him up haha. Just relax man. I don't care if he came at you first. Just let it go, it's not that serious. Lol, some of you take this posting and net-beef too far.
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