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Default Re: which WTC member is most likely too....?

Sicka is most likely to travel all the way to Queens just to say hello to Create and Mutt (especially Create, cuz we know how much you love him), then he'll drink with us and join us in robbing people and stealing bikes. Maybe graffiti too, if he behaves.

Mutt is most likely to stalk GZA and Ghostface.
Mutt is most likely to get fucked up by GZA and Ghostface for stalking them.
Mutt is most likely to start his own record label, sign the Wu and other ill underground emcee's and give them great promotion thus, bringing back Hip-Hop to what it use to be and what it should be.

LSB is most likely to kick everyone here in the balls.

TUCO is most likely to track down RZA and tell him face to face "Hey RZA! You are ok!"

36Chambers is most likely to be on the next Clan album.

Sergio is most likelly to be at the next Klan meeting.

Jasper is most likely to reveal himself as a 45 yr old balding male virgin who still lives with his parents (haha, much love jasper).
Jasper is most likely to have starred in porn movies involving foot fetish.
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