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Originally Posted by AcidPhosphate69
So, I'm narrow-minded because I don't agree that a second rate comedian is talented? So, if I reject a free-thinking philosophy, why do I have the ability to disargee with your opinion? If I agreed with you just because you tried to convince me, then I would truly reject free thought. You're not enlightened because you watch a show on Comedy Central. Grow up.
Originally Posted by AcidPhosphate69

Also, you realize he only has a show because Dave Chappelle doesn't want to do a third season.

Here is what I said regarding that statement...
Originally Posted by TheMASSIVE
I think many will fail to see the genius of it all because they are narrow minded dogmatic creatures who will fear and reject contemplation of a free-thinking philosophy because they are idealistic fundamentalists.

I didn't say you were narrow-minded... I said you wouldn't be alone in failing to see the level of intellectualism because there are many people who are dogmatic, they are comfortable with keeping their beliefs regardless if they are right or wrong because they are most likely lazy and don't like to think and they are filled with fear of damnation for questioning what is most likely an inherited belief system. By the way I never claimed to be enlightened because I watch comedy central. Also, I been watching him do stand up for a while now and at his shows for about two years now hes been talking about developing this show with comedy central. Wayyy before Dave Chappelle decided to disappear right before filming his third season and went on his "spiritual retreat" in South Africa!

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