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Originally Posted by INSpectah~Deck
Why would I be jealous of a comedian? It's not like I'm a comedian competing against him.

MASSIVE, re-read my statement closely, i didn't call anyone retarded, I was saying that alot of the older people THINK that 16 yearolds are retarded.

I dont see why do you have to insult everyone who doesnt agree with your views on Mencia. No one has insulted you yet, but you feel the need to call us narrow minded dogmatic creatures? Chill out man, we're all Wu fam, no need to insult everyone.


Okay, I re-read your statement closely… I misunderstood what you were saying. I’m not trying to insult anyone… I’m just stating my thoughts, if that offends somebody to the point where they feel they have to retaliate in defense it’s not my fault they are overly-defensive to the point where they feel they’re under a verbal attack. Also, I wasn’t calling you narrow-minded dogmatic creatures, read my last couple of posts… P.E.A.C.E.

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