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Default Re: London Bombings Staged....

Don't really think thats the answer blak. The attack wasn't masterminded, this country is just so fucked right now, it will never be the same again. For years, asylum seekers have been the pollitical topic of our country, some people wanna let them in, most don't. Regardless of what many may call 'the racist view', or 'the white brit opinion', no matter how you wrap it up, the group called 'Al Qaeda in Europe' are fucking stationed in Europe. We pay for muslim hate clerics to live in this country and brainwash innocent muslim and asian minds into blowing our country up because of fucking human rights laws. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for multi-culturalism, equality and human rights... but surely keeping evil hate clerics in our country to kill fellow humans is a breach of human rights? Case closed.
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