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I cant believe the game after the MOST important game (That loser team up North) is finally here and before i start my rant about how great my team his i would like to send i special shot out to TiKaL and his 'fighting' Irish......thanks for the EASIEST $100 i have ever back to regularly scheduled OSU ranting......there is no way the Gators can hang with THEEEEE Ohio State Buckeyes. This is our year and its our time. the stadium is going to be 75%-80% Buckeyes as well cause NO ONE travels like Buckeyes fans. I expect T Smith to have a great going out performance and i predict T Smith shall catch a pass from T Ginn and take it to the house. I hope this game is over early becasue Florida has this werid ability to not score and yet stay close in every game they play and then attack late. So here is to Coach Tressel and to my soon to be 13-0 National Champion OHIO STATE BUCKEYESSSSSSSSSS....and Carmen Ohio to get the night started........................

Oh come let's sing Ohio's praise-- And songs to Alma Mater raise --While our hearts rebounding thrill-- With joy which death alone can still-- Summer's heat or winter's cold-- The seasons pass the years will roll-- Time and change will surely (truly) show-- How firm thy friendship ... OHIO!

These jolly days of priceless worth-- By far the gladdest days on earth-- Soon will pass and we not know-- How dearly we love Ohio-- We should strive to keep thy name-- Of fair repute and spotless fame-- So in college halls well grow-- And love thee better ... OHIO!

Though age may dim our mem'ry's store-- We'll think of happy days of yore-- True to friend and frank to foe-- As sturdy sons of Ohio! If on seas of care we roll --Neath blackened sky or barren shoal-- Thoughts of thee bid darkness go Dear Alma Mater...OHIO!
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usa was built on terrorism

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