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Originally Posted by Mr.MMA View Post
Ottawa blowing ass this year..........

got their 4 game winning streak snapped, They are flooded with injuries losing 3 of their top centres (Spezza, Vermette, Fisher) and we are struggling to stay in 5th place, though it may be different now since they lost to ATL.
Good note though is we may get Petr Nedved.....though hes def. not what he once was, he stills brings skills to the table, as well as leadership and seniority.....
W/e, OTT always blows it in the playoffs anyway, so I don't really see any point to continue watching.....but I guess u never know....all I know is, if we face BUF, BOS, MTL, or TOR we're fucked..........

actually, we're fucked regardless.....(sigh)
TOR lost everyone
we had 8 players from the farm one game

peca gone, tucker was fucked, sundin was gone, mccabe, everyone lol

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