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Default Re: ken doggs ask a white dude thread...

Originally Posted by Sicka
alright, first off,...yo dont have a girlfriend...oh yeah, u arent white.....

OJ did it.....that's 1 person

mix wanna no whats up...aight, no, im not the devil(1) u cant convince me that god doesnt love me

i unno bout the name thing homie

"us ethnic people"'s difficult not to be rascist,...but i think of it like how a dog doesnt like a's just something people r i guess...
maybe u dont like white skin or the color period...i cant do anything about it...

i cant think of anyone whose skin color i dont like......Albinos, i dont like that.....
and if a black dude has freckles, makes me laugh, thats not rascist, cats with freckless look funny, thats that........
Haha, never meant to get you white folks angry. Just fucking with yall.

And if I say white man as in the evil white man. There's cool white guys out there, like you guys. You don't have to be white in skin color to be an evil white man. By evil white man I mean, the white man that oppresses everyone. The white man that is rich, and will always stay rich. The white man that does not allow others to rise above him in social/financial status. The white man that makes it hard for everyone. You could be black in skin color, and still be a white man. I don't think of all white men as the devil, just the white men as listed above. So lets get that straight. To quote RZA "I lost my shell a long time ago".

How many white guys here love Wu-Tang?
How many white guys here think of Michael Jackson as white and are proud?
How many white guys here smoke bone?

How many
The year 2002...the battle still with the WU
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