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Default Re: ken doggs ask a white dude thread...

Originally Posted by kid_sha36
Thats peace!, kind of thought you ware dissing all white people.

This is the wrong thread but I have a Q to you!

I remember in the wu manual thread you said that you follow Christianity and the NGE, now, The first lesson/tenets of the nation is that the all black men is god, how dose your Christian side handle that and do you agree with that, it just dose not make any sense to me that you can mix Christian and the nation together.


Yeah, I've been debating that a lot in my head. But I don't see Jesus as white skinned or how he is portrayed (color wise). I love Jesus, but I don't see him as white. I see him as light skinned. He was a jew, born in modern-day Iraq. I don't know any white men over there. I don't know about black man as the original man, not saying its not true. I'm trying to find my own way to the truth. Doing a lot of compare and contrast. Things like that get the mind sparking.
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